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Q. 1) Which bulk materials can be handled Pneumatically?
Answer : Almost all dry free flowing powders and granules can be handled by Pneumatic Conveying Systems.
Q.2) Does the distance poses limitations for conveying materials Pneumatically.
Answer : By Pneumatic Conveying Systems in lean phase generally the material is conveyed over the distance of 170 Mtrs. In a dense phase, distances of about 2 km have been successfully covered in case of fly ash, in Panipat Power Plant.
Q.3) What are the reasons for choking the conveying lines.
Answer: Excessive feed of material. Excessive leakage of air from Rotary air locks in sufficient amount of air and excessive conveying velocities are common causes of material choking in the conveying lines.
Q.4) If one should select a positive pressure systems or negative pressure systems (vacuum systems).
Answer: If the distances are less than 50 mtrs one can use a negative pressure systems but for larger distances for the optimum line size the pressure drop in the systems approaches the atmospheric pressure and hence positive pressure systems is preferred. The common Rotary Air Locks available in the market leak excessive air, which interferes with the incoming material thereby preventing the use of positive pressure systems Air Kinetics manufactures Rotary Air Locks with very low leakage, which allows its use in positive pressure systems.
Q. 5) If the material is stored on ground in a heap can it be conveyed pneumatically.
Answer: With the use of properly designed suction nozzles, the heaps of material can be negotiated with is a negative pressure system.
Q. 6) Can explosive powders be handled with Pneumatic Conveying Systems.
Answer: Explosive / flammable powder can be handled pneumatically by use of closed, loop Conveying Systems employing inert gas like nitrogen.
Q. 7) Where ventury feeders are used?
Answer: If the distances covered are very small (25 mtrs) ventury feeders can be successfully used, instead of Rotary Air Locks.
Q. 8) What are the air separation devices?
Answer: Mainly cyclones and reverse jet bag filters are used to separate air from the material at the receiving end of the Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

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