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Pneumatic Blender

We airkinetics are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Pneumatic Blender Loacated in Dombivli, Dist - Thane, Mumbai, India.

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How Pneumatic Blender Works?

• Blender is charged with powders to be blended in the blender either by pneumatic conveying or otherwise.
• Air is blown into powder bed through fluidizing cone
• After the powder in the vessel is completely fluidized, Agitating air pulses are introduced through bottom nozzle.

• Agitating pulse duration is about 300 to 500 milli seconds.
• Interval between pulse is around 20-35 seconds.
• After about 30 to 40 minutes pulsing is stopped and material is discharged through bottom nozzle
• While discharging fluidizing air is still blown in the material to avoid segregation of material.

Data Required For Designing Pneumatic Blender

• We need to know following properties of material.
• Particle Size (Maximum and Minimum)
• Standard deviation between particle sizes
• Fluidizing Property of Material/ Powder

• All above properties can be checked at our works.

Comparison between mechanical & Pneumatic Blending
Mechanical Blender
• For 5 T powder Blending Required time is about 3-4 Hrs
•Temperature rise of blend is about 20o to 30o C
• For 5 T blender about 30Kw is required for 4 hrs.= 120Kwhr
• Some Pigments are sensitive to temperature rise thus causing loss of quality
Pneumatic Blenders
• For 5 T blending time is about 40 minutes.
• No Significant Temperature rise.
• Total Power consumption of 5kW for ½ Hr.= 2.5 kwhr.
• No temperature rise hence no loss of Quality
PID for Pneumatic Blender

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