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Pneumatic Conveying System

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Pneumatic conveying systems are simple and eminently suitable for transport of powdered and granular materials in factories and chemical plants. Pneumatic conveying systems have a lower initial costs, but higher running costs. The higher running costs are offset by certain unique advantages like contamination free operation, overall cleanliness, free of atmospheric dusting, which reduces health hazards. Certain materials which are degraded when exposed to oxygen in air can be handled with a closed loop pneumatic conveying system. For hygroscopic materials dry air can be used. Systems can be designed such that no material comes in content with any moving parts.


Materials can be conveyed from a hopper or silo in one location to other location which is some distance away, at a higher elevation where many hurdles makes it difficult to transport the product in a straight line. In pneumatic conveying system there is a lot of flexibility in layout and operation such that multiple point feeding can be made in to a common line and a single line can discharge in to different receiving vessels. Any material stored in a large heap or stock pile can be handled with vacuum system which makes it suitable also for clearing accumulated dust and spillages. The conveying lines can run horizontally as well as vertically upwards and downwards with long radius bends in suitable combinations.


Material flow rates can be controlled and monitored and most systems can be configured for complete automatic operation. As the material is carried through flanged pipelines there is no risk to human health if potentially hazardous material needs to be conveyed. Pneumatic Conveying Systems take very little floors space and pipelines can be easily routed along walls, roofs or underground to avoid existing equipments and structures. Though bends can be used in the system, it is desired to keep the numbers minimum to avoid particle degradation and excessive pressure drop.


A pneumatic conveying system consists of following components :-



Air Source : Roots blowers, screw compressor or a fan blower if conveying distance is very short.

Feeding Devices : Rotary air lock valves or feed hoppers with suitable valves or venturies in case of smaller distances.

Discharging Devices : Plug diverter valves or pipe diverter valves.

Conveying Lines : Conveying lines are made out of thin walled pipes, suitably designed flanges & long radius bends.


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